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As a world-leading supplier of Buffers, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products, regularly available from stock, at the very lowest prices on the market.
Buffers are a key product range for Atom Scientific and the majority of these products are available from stock as this allows us to remain extremely competitive on both gram quantities and multi-tonne lots as well as meeting our customers just in time requirements.
Our laboratories ensure that we only supply the highest quality Buffers based on stringent specifications.
Complete analytical data for all productions lots is available upon request.
A sample of our range is:
  • ACES
  • HEPES sodium salt
  • MES
  • MOPS
  • MOPS sodium salt
  • TRIS
  • TRIS Hydrochloride
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Courier Shipment Available to 33 European Countries
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Featured in Our Range

Fine Chemicals Schiff Reagents Fixation Processing Equipment

Atom are pleased to announce launch of expanded chemical range for 2014.

This range is more focused to our customer’s requirements and available in two types of packaging to suit your preferences

Manufactured to precise specifications, our Schiff Reagents delivers consistent results in PAS Reactions.

Commonly used in both Histological and Haematological protocols, this product is available from stock for next working day delivery

From routine fixatives such as Buffered Formalin, to more specialist fixatives such as Bouins, Atom manufactures the most extensive range of fixatives available from one source.

Manufactured to ISO9001 accredited standards

Atom supports a select range of

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