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Atom manufactures a wide range of solutions that are routinely used for the Declacification for all specimen types and sizes.
All of our solutions will assist with making tissue sectioning easy and will also provide great H & E staining results.
Our range includes:
Biocal A- Rapid Decalcifier (Hydrochloric Acid/Sodium Chloride)
For larger bone specimens
Biocal B - Gentle Decalcification/Fixation (Formic Acid/Formaldehyde)
For all sizes of bone specimens
Biocal C - Gentle Decalcification (EDTA/Hydrochloric Acid)
For bone marrow or trephines - ideal for Immunocytochemistry
Biocal D - Rapid Decalcification (Ammonium/EDTA)
For faster Decalcification of larger specimens with dense bones 
Biocal E - Quick but Gentle Decalcification with Fixation (Formalin/EDTA)
Ideal for trephins - excellent staining ideal for Immunocytochemistry
Biosoft Tissue Softener
Ideal for assisting in the softening of blocks to assit in sectioning where excessive hardness of tissue is found.
Formic Acid 10% - Offers a more controlled decalcification process
Formic Acid 20% - Offers a quicker decalcification process, ideal for larger specimens
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Featured in Our Range

Fine Chemicals Schiff Reagents Fixation Processing Equipment

Atom are pleased to announce launch of expanded chemical range for 2014.

This range is more focused to our customer’s requirements and available in two types of packaging to suit your preferences

Manufactured to precise specifications, our Schiff Reagents delivers consistent results in PAS Reactions.

Commonly used in both Histological and Haematological protocols, this product is available from stock for next working day delivery

From routine fixatives such as Buffered Formalin, to more specialist fixatives such as Bouins, Atom manufactures the most extensive range of fixatives available from one source.

Manufactured to ISO9001 accredited standards

Atom supports a select range of

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