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Atom Scientific manufacture an extensive range of IVD registered stains for use in all disciplines of pathology.


Our expert technical team have over 50 years of combined experience in the formulation and the manufacture of stains and reagents.  

Atom Scientific products are suitable for use in manual staining procedures or for automatic staining machines.


 All stains are tested microscopically prior to sale and certified by our in-house Histologists who have worked within the NHS for over 35 years.

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Alberts Stain (Solution 1)
Alberts Stain (Solution 2)
Auramine Differentiator
Auramine Phenol (Lempert)


Brilliant Cresyl Blue 0.5% Alcoholic
Brilliant Cresyl Blue in Citrate Saline
Buffer Solution (Sudan Black)


Carbol Fuchsin (Gram)
Carbol Fuchsin (ZN)
Carbol Fuchsin 3% Solution
Carbol Fuchsin Kinyoun
Cotton Blue Lactophenol


Fields Stain - Solution A
Fields Stain - Solution B


Gelatin 5% in Acetate Buffer
Gentian Violet 0.5% Aqueous
Gentian Violet 1% Aqueous
Giemsa Stain PR80
Giemsa Stain RR88
Gram Differentiator
Grams Iodine


Immersion Oil Basic R.I. 1.5185
Indian Ink


Jenner's Stain (Modified)


Leishman Stain
Lugols Iodine


Malachite Green (0.5% Aqueous)
May Grunwald Stain
Melzer Reagent (For Mycology)
Methyl Blue 0.5% in 1% Acetic Acid
Methyl Blue 1% Aqueous
Methyl Blue 2% in 2.5% Acetic Acid
Methyl Blue Eosin (Mann Modified)
Methyl Violet 6B (0.5% Aqueous)
Methyl Violet 6B (0.85% Saline for Heinz Bodies)
Methylene Blue (1% Alcoholic)
Methylene Blue (1% in 20% Ethanol)
Methylene Blue (Loeffler)
Methylene Blue (McFadyean)
Methylene Blue 3% Solution
Microil immersion oil - Tropical Grade


Neissers Stain A
Neissers Stain B
Neissers Stain C
Neissers Stain D
Neutral Red (0.5% Aqueous)
Neutral Red (1% Alcoholic)
Neutral Red (1% Aqueous)
Neutral Red (Jensen)
New Methylene Blue (Reticulocyte Stain)
Nigrosin 5% Aqueous Solution
Nile Blue Fat Stain


Perls Stain (Solution A)
Perls Stain (Solution B)
Phloxine B 1% Solution
Potassium Permanganante 0.25%
Potassium Permanganate (0.5% Aqueous)
Potassium Permanganate (1% Aqueous)


Rapi-Diff II Stain - Solution B
Rhodanine Solution 2%


Safranin (0.5% Aqueous)
Safranin 1% Alcoholic
Safranin 1% Aqueous


TB Differentiator
Thiazine Red Solution (0.1% in 1% Acetic Acid
Toluidine Blue (1% Aqueous)


Wrights Stain (Modified)
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Atom are pleased to announce launch of expanded chemical range for 2014.

This range is more focused to our customer’s requirements and available in two types of packaging to suit your preferences

Manufactured to precise specifications, our Schiff Reagents delivers consistent results in PAS Reactions.

Commonly used in both Histological and Haematological protocols, this product is available from stock for next working day delivery

From routine fixatives such as Buffered Formalin, to more specialist fixatives such as Bouins, Atom manufactures the most extensive range of fixatives available from one source.

Manufactured to ISO9001 accredited standards

Atom supports a select range of

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